In 1998, a friend introduced her to Photoshop, and true to form she mastered this new digital medium very quickly. She began editing images for friends for fun, and eventually one of the friends Designer Jasmine Elder hired Eve to edit her editorial, and product images for her line JIBRI. It wasn't long after that, that Eve was in demand as a retoucher in the Plus Fashion Industry.


In 1999, while living in New York, Eve befriended a young Art History student Dana "Pookie" Hernandez , who introduced her to the formal world of Art and Photography. She became a student of many modern and classical art movements, particularly les Nabis, les Fauvism and other post-impressionistic styles. This fueled her own desire to create, and to form her own aesthetic. Juxtaposing opposites is a connecting thread in all of Eve's work. She explores and exposes the beauty and power that can be derived from contrasting perspectives and opposing points of view. Vintage Hollywood glamour finds a home in Eve's work as well. As an introverted teen, she spent much of her time getting lost in old Black & White films, imagining herself the Femme Fatal. She's never been able to shake her attraction for piercing glamour!

Eve explains her work best when she says, "My aesthetic, is a murky mix of old Hollywood glam, exotic cultures, futuristic fantasy, sexuality, debauchery and spirituality with a touch of poison and tolerance. In a highball glass , add one ice cube and stir ... gently now. You don't want to bruise this toxic and delicious libation."- Eve Harlowe